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Our gym is: Agile, Mobile, Flexible: Everywhere you want to be

At Platform Training, we reject the ‘one size fits all’ approach to workouts. We understand that everyone has unique fitness goals and abilities. Our personalized functional training is tailored to how your body performs in daily activities. We focus on improving strength, flexibility, and stability to enhance your overall lifestyle safely and effectively.

Platform’s Mobile Gym brings the Ultimate Fitness Challenge to You

Platform Training’s Mobile Gym offers private, semi-private, large groups, and sports team training sessions for an appointment-based workout on your terms.

You can find us in Asbury, New Jersey, or contact us and we’ll bring the gym to you with our Mobile Gym option.

Bring the Gym To You
Platform Training’s Mobile Gym offers private, semi-private, large groups, and sports team training sessions for an appointment-based workout on your terms.

Available in your home or ours
We’re much more than your typical mobile-workout service. Our fully-functional Gym can travel to you, or you can join us in our facility in Oceanport, NJ.

What’s A Mobile Gym?

It’s the same fully functional, unconventional workout you’ve come to expect from Platform, but with a gym-on-wheels approach.

That means you’ll find kettlebells, HIIT, speed and agility training, and general fitness workouts personalized to your unique needs and goals.

And because we tailor your workout to where you are on your fitness journey, you’ll feel supported enough to give something new a try and challenged enough to push through those limits you set for yourself. Because life (and fitness goals) happen outside of your comfort zone.

Life Happens outside of your Comfort Zone: Your Gym Sessions Should Too!
 Tailor-made workouts designed to comfortably challenge your limits so you can reach higher

Why Choose a Mobile Gym Workout?

Whether you’re an on-the-go athlete, an everyday gym-goer, or you just like to get your sweat on outside, the Platform Training Mobile Gym has you covered.

And if the idea of going back to an indoor gym has you feeling less than motivated to keep up with your weekly fitness routine, the Platform Mobile Gym is a great option too.

The Mobile gym goes beyond traditional indoor training facilities to save you travel time, add convenience, and keep you motivated by bringing the gym right to your preferred location.

Where To Work Out

When you reserve the Mobile Gym the only thing you have to think about is where you want to workout.

Step Up Your At-Home Workouts

Feeling like a homebody but still want to get your workout in? Eliminate the commute to and from the gym by letting our team bring the Mobile Gym to your home.

Get Sweaty At The Beach

Spring, summer, and fall are the perfect times to hit the beach. And with the Mobile Gym, you can make the most of your time on the sand. Plus, bringing your workout routine to the beach can give you some extra motivation to take it to the next level.

Turn The Park Into Your Own Personal Gym

Getting outside is a great way to switch up your workout routine and when you head to the park the Mobile Gym can come along with you. We’ll bring all the equipment you need to feel your best!

HIIT The Street

We’ll bring the Kettlebells and high-intensity workout plan to your block and help you make your fitness goals a reality. Setting up the Mobile Gym on a local street can give you a solid outdoor surface for a variety of activities while skipping the drive to the gym.

How To Bring The Mobile Gym To You

To bring Platform Training’s Mobile Gym to you click here.

When you do we’ll connect to discuss locations and training plans for your private, semi-private, group, or team workout!

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