Mobile FitTrailer

Private/semi private sessions

We bring the entire gym to you, weather it’s your house, office, favorite park, beach or any other place you would like to workout. These sessions are designed specifically for you and can be tailored to any fitness level or goals. We use a combination of kettlebells, rings, bands, ropes, medicine balls, air dynes, rowing machines, and the latest unconventional fitness tools to provide you with fast pace, high efficiency workout that will challenge any fitness level. All workouts can be scaled or ramped up to fit any fitness level. The workouts are designed to put you in the best position to be functionally fit and achieve all your fitness and lifestyle goals.


Athlete Training

SAQ, change of direction, acceleration/deceleration game changing speed, explosive power, injury prevention, functional strength competive advantage, mental and physical advantages

Offered at various locations including but not limited to…..

  • Outdoors at local fields
  • Garage gym
  • Your location
  • Home Turf

Boxing with Kettlebells

Our fan favorite, this 45 min private session is a combination on boxing/kickboxing with Kettlebell and bodyweight exercises to give you an intense fun and challenging workout. We can do this workout any place you would like including parks, beaches, your house, or office

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Experience personal training from anywhere in the world—whether you’re on vacation, at home, in the office, or at the park.

All you need is a small space and one kettlebell, but the more equipment you have, the better! Sessions are conducted via Google Meet.


Garage sessions

Experience our Garage Sessions, where you can enjoy the same personalized fitness as our FitTrailer, but in the comfort of our fully functional garage gym. Get ready to elevate your workout in a private and convenient setting!


Group seasonal classes

Join our group seasonal classes from May to September! All classes take place outdoors on our fully functional mobile FitTrailer. Located in the Asbury Park area, contact us for detailed locations. Embrace the great outdoors while achieving your fitness goals!