About Us

Platform Training

Platform Training strives to provide high quality coaching, unique, effective, and safe programming and a clean facility to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Each class is instructed and monitored by owner and program designer who is dedicated to helping you reach your goals in a safe, fun, and intense workout environment. Here at Platform Training you will be using a combination of kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, and the latest unique fitness tools in a high intensity interval training workout that is sure to challenge you. Constantly varying these movements is sure to maximize your results.

Our clients have a wide age range. Each workout is different and can be scaled to your personal fitness level. We can work around injuries on an everyday basis.

At Platform Training we specialize in kettlebell training, high intensity training, core strength, functional strength, speed and agility.

We want you to feel welcomed and part of our fitness family. We want to push each other to break barriers and achieve next level results. We are all in this together to live the healthiest, fittest, and best lives we can.

Functional Training That’s Anything But A Cookie Cutter Workout

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” workout routine. At Platform Training, we know that everyone’s ideal physique or level of fitness is going to be different. And we don’t hold up a particular body type as right or try to lead our gym-goers to any one goal. Instead, we take time to get to know you and why you’re coming to the gym in the first place. 


Our unconventional approach to functional training focuses on how your body performs best in all the things you do each day. So, you won’t just be training for your next workout, you’ll be training for a better, healthier lifestyle and taking the steps you need to take to get you there.


So, while we’re all about pushing past your barriers, this whole-body workout gives you strength, flexibility, and stability while ensuring that you’re moving safely and in a way that won’t needlessly lead you to injury or pain.

The Gym

At Platform Training our workouts are a combination of kettlebell and HIIT exercises that use functional training to promote longevity, fitness, strength, endurance, and overall health. These approaches don’t just get you moving. They help you stretch, gain strength, and get your heart pumping. Plus we give you the chance to get excited about your workout by making every single session a sweat-inducing, energy-boosting experience.

Kick your excuses, get down to business, and get results.